White Fillings

Are you losing confident because of your dark, unsightly amalgam filling? We offer safe and long lasting tooth coloured fillings. Contact us on (07) 4755 2055 to book a consultation.

Gone are the days when getting a filling meant a dark, unsightly amalgam filling. With the advancement in dental technology, we can now offer you strong, long lasting tooth coloured fillings that can be difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth.

At North Queensland Family Dental, we can offer you two forms of ‘white fillings’:

Composite fillings

Composite fillings are a resin plastic material that are bonded to the tooth structure and can be matched to blend in with your tooth’s natural colour.

CEREC fillings

CEREC fillings or porcelain inlays are extremely strong and are used to replace large, old fillings, or are placed in teeth that have been heavily damaged by decay or contain early cracks. They are made of a pressed ceramic and are used to protect and preserve your tooth’s structural integrity. By using Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM), the filling is fabricated on site and the whole procedure is generally conveniently accomplished in a single visit.

Emergency Dental

Have an existing filling that has fallen out or is causing you pain? Our dentists are on call for any dental emergency that may take place after practice hours. Click here to read more


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