Teeth Whitening Townsville

Whether you'd like to get your teeth whitened by a dentist or receive take-home treatment, we have options for you! Get your teeth shining bright by booking an appointment with us today at (07) 4755 2055.

In Chair & Take Home - Zoom! & Pola Office day/night

North Queensland Family Dental offers two types of teeth whitening treatments: the ‘In Office’ bleaching system or a ‘Take Home’ whitening treatment.

Our ‘In Office’ whitening generally takes no more than an hour. We use a concentrated whitening agent with an activating light to accelerate the process. The treatment includes a desensitizing agent that reduces the potential for post-operative tooth sensitivity. While results vary, many patients achieve a great result after just one visit.

The ‘Take Home’ whitening system uses a less concentrated whitening agent that is applied in your own time into the custom fabricated whitening trays. The whitening process can take 2-3 weeks but the final results are comparable to the ‘In Office’ whitening system.

You may decide to top-up your whitening every 1-2 years under the supervision of your dentist. Additional whitening solution can be purchased from your dentist and applied in your whitening trays.

Please note that results for whitening vary between patients. To learn more about whitening and how it may work for you, visit our FAQ page here.

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