Our Hygiene Department

Have you ever had questions about your teeth that you wanted answered right away? Do you prefer to have a chat in person rather than on the phone? Contact our professional and friendly hygiene department for an appointment.

The Hygienist

The hygienist is a specially trained clinician who works side by side with your dentist to achieve the best outcome for your smile.

Gums and bone are the foundations of a healthy mouth and great smile. Your hygienist’s job is to ensure that these foundations are healthy and strong and to assist you in caring for your teeth and gums with great home care. Most oral disease is preventable and regular Continuing Care visits with the hygienist will equip you with the knowledge and skills to help keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthy.

Meet Carla

After completing her Bachelor or Health Science (Oral Health) at the University of Queensland  in 2000, Carla moved Townsville. Since  that time Carla has traveled on many occasions in the pursuit of perfecting her skills. In 2007, Carla undertook training in the United States with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in the area of Dental Hygiene. She also received training in the USA with the Buteyko Clinic of Ireland and us a qualified breathing educator. This field helps patients achieve proper breathing techniques that assist with lip sealment and overall health benefits. 

In 2010, Carla undertook further study to become an Orofacial Myologist, which is an expert in the dysfunctions of the muscles of the mouth and face. She works closely with dentists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to achieve proper functions of the face and oral structures aiding in speech, oral habits and normal dental and facial development. Carla enjoys the preventative aspects of dental hygiene and helping people keep their own natural teeth for life. She has studied advanced periodontics instrumentation and is thoroughly competent in local anaesthetics and teeth whitening.

Carla is passionate about proper facial and dental development and in 2013 will launch The Smiley Face Clinic at Townsville Dental Care. This clinic is dedicated to helping parents and children achieve normal facial growth and development. The clinic will supply education in early childhood feeding, teething and soothing recommendations and products, oral habit correction through The Thumbsucking Clinic, and the provision of Orofacial Muscle Function and Better Breathing programs. This clinic is a first in Townsville.

Sharing a love for the arts and her local community, Carla enjoys performing on stage as a member of local theatre company, TheatreInq. She also is a caring wife and mother, with her husband Miguel and their daughters Amaya and Violet. Carla brings this same genuine care and supportive nature to her patients.

Meet Jenny

Jenny Page - Hygienist | North Queensland Family Dental

Jenny moved to Townsville from Bundaberg to commence her training as a Dental Therapist, where on completion, graduated with Distinction and Dux of her year in 1982. After a period of time in the field, she was invited to return to the Townsville Dental Therapist Training Centre, and was appointed Tutor Dental Therapist, a position she held until the Centre’s closure in 1986.

Having met and married a North Queenslander, she has worked in the School Dental Service for over 30 yrs in the surrounding areas of Townsville, Charters Towers, Ingham and Ayr.

In 2004, Jenny undertook the opportunity to expand her scope of practice and studied Dental Hygiene at the University of Queensland and Oral Health Promotion at the Queensland University of Technology. Ten years in private practice as a Dental Hygienist has provided her with extensive experience in all aspects of preventative oral health care. Additional training in advanced periodontal instrumentation has developed a keen interest in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease and an insight into the treatment needs of her adult patients.

Combining both clinical competencies has afforded Jenny the knowledge and expertise in being able to provide for her patients a gentle, caring and comprehensive approach to their dental requirements. Her more recently acquired qualification of treating the 0-4yr old age group and her many years of experience as a clinician, has enabled her to easily build a rapport and gain trust with all age groups, thereby providing a continuum of care for the whole family.

Living on acreage just outside of town has provided the perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation for Jenny, her husband Chris, and two children, Lauren & Alex. A keen interest in gardening is a prerequisite for the area. Reading crime thriller novels and cooking are favourite past times of Jenny’s as well as the planning of future overseas holidays.

Your Continuing Care visit consists of:

  • An oral cancer examination
  • Examination of the gums and teeth for signs of disease, decay and wear
  • Scaling and polishing of your teeth
  • A remineralisation treatment specific to your needs applied directly to your teeth which will help strengthen your teeth’s enamel.
  • Advice on oral hygiene products and techniques such as flossing and brushing
  • An individualised oral homecare program that is specific to YOUR needs

Our hygiene department also has specialised programs for patients with specific needs. Please enquire about our:

  • Bad Breath Program
  • Dry Mouth Program
  • Orthodontic Care Program
  • Soft Tissue Management Program.

10 Tips For Looking after your Smile

  1. Brush and Floss your teeth at least twice daily. Brushing should take at least two minutes.
  2. Use an electric toothbrush as the brush-head will do the hard work for you allowing you to concentrate on holding it in the correct position.
  3. If you find flossing is difficult, a floss threader or holder might make a difference. See our tips on flossing to help you.
  4. Use fluoridated toothpaste with the added ingredient Triclosan, because this has extra antibacterial properties. Colgate Total is a good one.
  5. Avoid grazing on foods and sipping on drinks that are high in sugar and acid content, as these are two of the main causes of tooth decay.
  6. Chew sugarless gum after eating as this increases your salivary flow. Your saliva is your body’s natural bacteria fighting mechanism and helps fight off decay producing acids. It contains minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate that help to reverse the damage done to the tooth enamel by plaque acids.
  7. Staying hydrated will help keep your saliva levels high. Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which dehydrate your body and lower the saliva’s protective functions.
  8. Avoid smoking. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease, or periodontitis.
  9. Wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth when playing contact sports where there is a risk for contact with the head and jaws.
  10. Visit your dentist and hygienist every 6 months for a Continuing Care visit to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.