Do you or your children involved in contact sports? We offer custom mouth guard to protect your teeth! Contact us on (07) 4755 2055 today to book your appointment.

Custom Mouthguards

Contact sports such as football, hockey, martial arts and basketball are a part of our healthy active Queensland life, but they can involve heavy knocks to the teeth and mouth. If you or your child is playing a sport where there is a chance of being hit in the jaw or head, wearing a Custom-made mouth guard will help prevent common dental injuries such as chipping, breaking or knocking out teeth, as well as soft tissue injuries such as split lips, cheeks and gums.

If your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment, a mouth guard is critical to help protect their braces from damage.

Your mouth guard can be professionally made incorporating your favourite colours or can be made clear to be less visible.

If you love your sport or want to protect your child’s smile from sporting injuries, come in for a custom mouth guard consultation. Call us on (07) 4755 2055 today or book your appointment online here.

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