First Visit - General Dental

Our first priority is your overall health and well being; therefore at your first visit, we will perform a comprehensive medical check and dental evaluation and assess and discuss your needs and goals for appearance and health. As part of this evaluation, full mouth charting, x-rays, photographs and sometimes study models may be taken. We will discuss our diagnosis and, with your goals in mind, formulate a treatment plan together.

Depending on your dental needs, Dr. Lombardi will evaluate the information and your goals and, if required, arrange a follow-up appointment with you. Some patients will require a separate one-on-one complementary appointment with Dr. Lombardi, during which he will present his recommendations for treatment, explain available options and discuss how we can get the best result for you.

Rebate Only New Patient Exam

There will be no out of pocket expense for a new patient's initial general dentistry visit! To book now call 07 4755 2055!