Anxious Patients

We Understand

Despite the advances in the delivery of dental care, we understand that some people are still anxious about going to the dentist. For those with dental phobia, it can be down right terrifying.

You can rest assured, at North Queensland Family Dental we understand this and we will work hard to make your visit comfortable and pleasant…we hope that you may even find you start to enjoy visiting us.

Our approach

Ours is a very friendly practice, whose team members have been chosen because that are personable and will do everything possible to ease your anxiety, They will focus on your needs and create a comfortable environment for you. Our team has your best interests at heart- so please ask questions and share your concerns with us, so that we can help.

We know that for some people, distractions help. We can provide iPods with headphones so that you can listen to music during your treatment, or you are welcome to bring your own player with your favourite music or programs.

Our clinicians have a friendly and caring chair-side manner. They operate with a gentle touch and use a specially compounded numbing gel for most procedures. Our priority is to make your visit as comfortable, relaxing and generally pleasant as possible.

Oral Sedation

Some people prefer to take oral medications that can help to make them feel calmer before their appointments. If you are nervous about treatment, or if your appointment is likely to be lengthy or a complex surgery, we can prescribe oral medications which are taken prior to your dental appointment to help you relax An anti-anxiety or a sleeping pill taken the night before the appointment can help with falling asleep and allow you to get some rest.

If you take oral sedation medications for your appointment you will need to be accompanied to and from your appointment by a responsible adult.

Happy Gas

We can provide happy gas, while treating very anxious patients. This is a colourless and odourless gas that quickly causes relaxation and a mild feeling of euphoria. Patients remain conscious but tend to feel less concerned about the treatment they are receiving. They often feel lightheaded and may even get the giggles! The effects of happy gas only last while the patient is breathing in the gas: when the gas is stopped, the effects wear off quickly and completely. Patients can even drive or go back to work straight after their appointment.

Learn more about your options by calling our friendly team at (07) 4755 2055